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Einar Torfi Einarsson - works

-Works for Musical Instruments

-Works for Non-Musical Instruments

-Works for Non-Performance

-Visual works


R e c e n t    A c t i v i t i e s :

for indeterminate instrumentation
ELISION Ensemble: Kathryn Schulmeister (contrabass) and Rohan Dasika (contrabass), Melbourne Recital Cenre, 9 September 2023.

Other proportions: rough path by extinction (virgula ligatura)
for saxophone and piano
ELISION Ensemble: Alex Waite (piano) and Joshua Hyde (saxophone), 11 February 2023, International Contemporary Music Festival, Leeds University:

Grapher morphogenetics IIa
for string instrument, 2 March 2022, Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield. Dejana Sekulic (violin).

for bass clarinet and bassoon, 4 January 2022, BKA Theater, Unerhörte musik, Berlin. Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson and James Aylward.

SCENE #21 from Scenes you would like to hear
for two performers, 16 January 2020, Mengi, Reykjavik.

Memory is a three-way road
for memory, exhibited in the Phonemes - Exhibiting Music exhibition catalogue, 26 January - 3 March 2019, Hafnarborg.

stilla #1
for Berglind María Tómasdóttir (flute) and Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir (piano), 10 Janúary 2019, Nordic House, Reykjavik

Countability - part 1: 0-221 (quantity = quality)
for any kind and amount of instruments, 2 June 2018, Mengi, Reykjavik

Urban/Nonurban distancing

for two performers, COW concert series, April 27, 2018, Mengi, Reykjavik, Iceland

for ensemble, Phace ensemble, March 22, 2018, Konserthaus, Wien

Pencil Piece I // Eraser Piece II
Performance of both pieces simultaneously on the COW concert series, March 7, 2018, Mengi, Reykjavik, Iceland

Music for Political Spaces (partial #2, osmosis)

for flute and video
premiere: Berglind María Tómasdóttir, January 27, 2018, Dark Music Days, Húrra, Iceland

Music for Political Spaces (partial #1, osmosis)
for flute and video
premiere: Berglind María Tómasdóttir, Novermber 3, 2017, Lækjargata 12 (now demolished), Reykjavik, Iceland  

Desiring-Machines. partial-object 0.0833
for trombone & cello
premiere: Two New Duo, January 18, 2017, Drückereihalle im Ackermannshof, Basel, Switzerland

for (contra-)bass-clarinet
premiere: Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, April 24, 2016, Hljóðön, Hafnarborg, Iceland

Schumann-Sculpture (remnants + deracination)
Installation commissioned by Cycle Music and Arts Festival 2015, 13 Aug-13 Oct, Kópavogur, Iceland. Part of the New Release exhibition, Gerðarberg, August 13 - October 13, 2015. (images)

Theory-Fiction I: non-corresponding variance
for three toy pianos and imaginary accompanyment (one player)
premiere: Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir, 1 February 2015, Dark Music Days 2015

Desiring-Machines: partial-object 0.0417

for any flute
Zuflucht Festival, Kristjana Helgadóttir (piccolo), 19 October 2014, 
Converging the measure on a non-scalable surface
for any kind of event
47 hour performance during the Orpheus Reserach Festival 2014 (1-3 Oct), Ghent, Belgium
Re-Notations I-IV
exhibited as part of the PIANO show on Reykjavik Art Festival 2014
May 29-June 30
Negative Dynamics II: entangled strata

for a pianist
premiere: Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir, 31 May 2014, National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík
Desiring-Machines: partial-object 0.1667
for oboe, violin, viola, cello
premiere and CD release: Stolz Quartet, 26 February 2014, Splendor, Amsterdam
Pencil Piece I: Music is What Music Doesn't
for minimum one graphite pencil
premiere: Vanessa Tomlinson, 17 December 2013, Orpheus Institute, Ghent, Belgium
Desiring-Machines: partial-object 0.0417
for any flute
premiere: Kristjana Helgadóttir, 29 October 2013, Nordic House, Reykjavík